For couples who want a professional male wedding celebrant to deliver their personalised ceremony in a relaxed manner ensuring nothing goes wrong.

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Mario Anders – Celebrant

Gay and Lesbian friendly wedding ceremonies

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We can now have only 5 guests again at a Melbourne wedding let me make you an offer.
I will perform your wedding ceremony for five people and then at a later date when the pandemic lifts and you go ahead with the big reception, I will provide my services complimentary and renew your vows in front of all your guests. (only subject to me not having another wedding booked on that day).
Besides, that is not the only option which is open for guests, as we can video stream your wedding to absent families and at the same time have a moving everlasting memory of your ceremony. There are lots of options and i can help you.

My aim is to provide you with a wedding ceremony that is filled with love, passion and fun. I will make your wedding ceremony personally unique, very special and tailored just for you.

I have heard of Bride’s freaking out on the wedding day, Mother’s panicking and bridal parties in disarray. But it does not have to be. With a run through in the days prior, then a rehearsal at the venue, I will make sure that your special day is stress free and everything goes smoothly.

I will help you complete and sign all legal paperwork involved in an easy to understand way.

Vows are easy to write and straight forward to deliver, I will show you how to write your own and have lots of examples to help you.

You choose the music which is going to help create the memories that you will keep.

Like to have family and friends involved in the ceremony ? – Absolutely and there are many ways we can include them.

Can we include cultural aspects and other languages – Yes, I encourage it and this is often the most enjoyable.

I will be there early on the day to make sure that everything goes smoothly and that you will enjoy your wedding ceremony stress free.

I am priced at an affordable rate – not the dearest part of your ceremony but vital.

There are hundreds of couples who have put their trust in my services and none of them have been disappointed.

When you have booked your venue, you should then book your celebrant.

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Mario Anders – Australian Government Authorised Marriage Celebrant

Mobile: 0418 564 852

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Testimonials from previous clients

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Firstly I would like to thank you on behalf of Vivian and myself for the outstanding way that you conducted our Wedding day it was very much appreciated and well-spoken about by all that came on that day
I was not uncertain what could be done but I was very surprised at the professionalism that you displayed. The reason for choosing you above others was due to the phone conversation that I had with you, as there was no hesitation by you to check your itinerary to coincide with our wedding plans.
You had respect for those that had difficulty with the language barrier, you were supportive of us all even to the point of wedding date change. I would recommend your services to anyone that requires the services of a person who is very dedicated to their profession, your expertise understanding and most of all the care with which you conducted our wedding ceremony.
Once again thank you very much for all that you did for us we are both very happy and we both have a more extended family now thanks to you.
Always with Respect

Jeffrey Martlew and Min (Vivian) Chen 31st May,

Mario, Lindsay and I would like to say the biggest thank you for the wonderful ceremony you gave David and Jolene on the 27th June.

Mario, thank you too for the respect and kindness that you showed, Gordon, my Father. This was a huge task that he took on for such a small part while battling ill health and I know that you welcomed him in to the ceremony and that was so special and we are so grateful.

You are a true professional and we would recommend your services to many others should any one need a celebrant.

Thank you again and we wish you well.

Lindsay and Jenny Anderson

David & Jolene's Wedding 27th June

I knew what I wanted for a celebrant and chose you when my wedding planner showed me your photo. I liked the idea of the sand ceremony and the stories of what you have experienced. I would recommend you to my friends and colleagues who are going to get married. Or any one that I know is going to get married.
Once again, thank you very much.

Jessie & Ashley 18 April

We didn't really know what a celebrant could do, apart from marry people and you were friendly, open-minded and informative and these were the biggest reason we asked if you could be our celebrant for the marriage.
You provided information and was quick with responses. You replied within the day to any of our emails or messages, was patient with us when we asked questions or scheduled meetings amd were just straight forward and friendly. All a big plus.
We would recommend you to any who are looking for a celebrant.
Thank you again for your services

Andre & Ludmilla Nov