A Surprise Wedding

No-one need know except a few close friends and family for a party, birthday party, engagement

I turn up and get introduce as an uncle from a far away place, they need never know until later.

It might even be fancy dress with everyone dressed up and having a good time

Then I make a formal announcement and we begin the ceremony

A Relaxed Beach or Garden Wedding

You want to gather with your guests as they arrive, relax, mingle and have a few drinks with them. Then at an appropriate time you might excuse yourselves and get dressed.

Then we get the wedding started and everyone has a really good fun time.

Certain parts of the ceremony are serious but you and your guests can still have a laugh.

A Formal Reception Venue

A stunning boutique wedding venue with the ceremony in a chapel, in a beautiful garden or an intimate terrace.

You will take photographs between the wedding and the reception whilst your guests enjoy drinks and canapes and then your tailored reception will run like clockwork.

Ask me to give you a quotation for both Wedding Celebrant and Master of Ceremonies

what type of wedding couple are you?

A Little Bit of Religion

Your parents or families are religious but you are not.

It’s perfectly fine to add some religion in as part of your ceremony. Maybe you family would like to take part by reading something from the bible or reciting a prayer – of their choice or yours.

A Semi-formal wedding with a formal reception at a Hotel or a Stunning Location

You still want to arrive in a Limo and walk down the aisle but you always liked a particular location and want to have your ceremony there.

It might be on a lawn overlooking a beach or among the vines in a winery.

The venue has a reception area, might be a restaurant and this will follow the taking of photographs

As Wedding Celebrant I will ensure you enjoy the ceremony and remember it all

A Themed Wedding

You and your friends are big on Dr Who, Harry Potter, The Hunger Games or Twilight.

After a ride on the Hogwarts Express, guests visited the Sorting Hat, where they found their table assignments (Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, or muggles) attached to magic wands

Katniss and Peeta's relationship may not be a classic love story, and Panem is far from a romantic wedding setting, but a Hunger Games wedding ideas are proof that you truly can pull inspiration from anywhere.

A Bella and Edward swoon-worthy celebration

Rent a Tardis as a backdrop for your ceremony & photos and be whisked away in time

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