Write your life story – Pre-Arranged Eulogies and Funeral services

Planning your funeral now can help your family

More and more people in Australia today are choosing to have the funeral pre-planned prior to their death. It is a thoughtful way to help your family at their time of grieving.

Ten minutes isn’t very long to capture the essence of a loved one’s life.
A well written Eulogy can do that and it will contain information and memories, perhaps a bit of humour, and will touch the lives of those who hear it or read it.
Most people are not natural writers. You need a gifted writer who can produce a wonderful Eulogy for your loved one, telling the life, accomplishments and personality of the one you have lost.
It would be a great honour to be able to capture the life of a person you have respected and loved for a funeral or memorial service. With my eulogies, your listeners will be touched and each will truly appreciate the words I speak.

Although your family and friends will also want to include their own personal memories of your life, it makes things so much easier if they can refer to a pre-written eulogy that you have left for them.

I can help you put your life story into words

If you are like most people, you find it difficult to get around to writing and you will put it off forever if left to do it yourself. I can help to make the whole writing process very easy for you.I will sit down with you and ask questions about various areas of your life, and I’ll take notes as we talk. I will also chat with your spouse, your close family and anyone else you might suggest and build a story of your life.

Some of the topics we will cover:

  • Your Childhood
  • Your Adolescence
  • Your family
  • The extended family
  • Employment
  • Hobbies
  • Club memberships
  • Favourite holiday destinations
  • Comical stories
  • Sporting interests
  • War service
  • What you want to always be remembered

You can also tell me the music or songs that are special to you, that you would like to be played on the day.

I’ll write and polish your eulogy until it’s just how you want it

I understand that your eulogy needs to have your unique voice, so I will take into account your feedback after writing an initial draft. You can highlight anything that you want changed or a slightly different emphasis, and I will re-write and “polish” it until it reads exactly how you want it to.

Your eulogy is your last chance to make a statement to the ones you love. I’d love to help you do it well.

Every life is worth celebrating… especially yours

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