Pet Poem

Seventy-seven dog years, an eternity in life
You were my friend, I yours, competition for my wife
At eight months old, you joined our home
After that, you made us, never want to roam

You grew up in a paddock, lived not inside but out
You did not realise what carpet was about
You needed to go, so that’s what you did
What a fright we all got, and then you hid

Through all the years you tried your own way
Pushing and persisting, never missing a day
You escaped your pen often, you did your best
My little angel, you were also a pest

We asked so much of you, and you gave so much back
We only ever fed you, never paid you a zak
We exchanged love, that was the currency used
Our friendship was fierce and never abused

Outside you were shy, not wanting to be patted
At home, when on guard, you barked when it mattered
You let people know, when someone rang the door bell
They thought you meant it, but your tail wagged as well

Every morning we walked, enthusiasm never waned
Whether the sun was burning, or if it rained
In the dark I would come down, and open the gate
You were already pacing circles, as if I was late

In the evening the greeting was like ages apart
Weekends you knew that Friday was the start
By my side, when I ate, or when trying to read
Nose in my face, you brown eyes would plead

There’s a space by my side, now empty and cold
Where you once were, so proud and so bold
We watched you slip away, you accepted your fate
We’ll miss you to bits, so long my old mate