Introducing Mario M. Anders

I am a funeral advocate who wants to help people at the most challenging times of         their lives – when they lose a loved one – and really need someone with sensitivity             and experience to guide them.

Funerals are such challenging events for loved ones – so I provide support to help plan a beautiful send off at a difficult time. As a qualified Funeral Celebrant, I help to create a ceremony that is a celebration of the deceased’s life and that also helps the bereaved family to grieve. This may be an immediate need because a family member has passed very   recently or it might be that you are thinking about planning a funeral for a family member, or even your own – and need to know more about what to expect.
Grieving is a natural response to loss and not everyone grieves in the same way or for the same amount of time. There are many other factors which can trigger grief, not just the loss itself.
My History
My career was in Information Technology and I took up ballroom dancing as a means of relaxation and exercise. I then studied ballroom, went on to teach dancing after completing a coaching course, so I understood how to pass on my knowledge. When I
became a qualified Wedding Celebrant in 2009, one of the greatest pleasures was teaching my wedding couples to perform their wedding waltz.
Then after experiencing some loss of my own, I began my studies in Grief and Trauma Counselling and decided to become a qualified Funeral Celebrant.
My Low Point
My mother passed away just over three years ago and during this experience, I was amazed by two things – the very high cost of funerals and the very poor experience I had as a grieving family member. This was a time when my family and I were in a
daze, not knowing what the process was or what to do, so we just followed the recommendation of the funeral director. But throughout the process, I realised that families – at this point in their lives – needed some real help and guidance from someone
they could trust. I also wondered why we had not planned things a little earlier or at least had that important discussion. But funerals were always such taboo subjects for my parents.
My High Point
I decided to do something about it – I wanted to help. So I changed the way things were done. I decided to go and see the families who needed my help – not have them come to me. I met with my families in their home, where they felt comfortable and could
have as many people present  as they wanted – so they could relax and be themselves, when making those important decisions about their loved ones.
Another disturbing aspect of the process was having so many different people involved – a different person at each stage and not making a connection with anyone in particular.
So when I visit a family to arrange a funeral service, I made sure they knew that I would be the one they would see at the ceremony, the church or chapel, and the one standing by their side at the gravesite. I would be with them throughout the whole experience.
My Advice
I would recommend people talk to their families about what they want in a funeral, what choices they would like made on their behalf and most importantly – to write it down.
Keep your family informed about your wishes – it is they who will decide how your life will be celebrated.
Mario M. Anders
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